10.02 ct Fancy Light Blue IF / 1.00 ct Fancy Red Diamond / 156.0 ct Impressive Unmounted Tajikistan Spinel

After 5 years of progress, we had the honor to have two world buyers attend our Spring and Autumn Auction. This year we have sold and surpass last years Revenue. We had Japan, Germany, USA, Dubai attendees and currently the biggest auction house in Taiwan. Even matching some of that of the world!

2015 Nov. Autumn Auction we sold an 1ct Fancy Red Diamond, which in the world don’t even have more then 100 pieces. Sold for more then over 1 million dollars USD. We also auctioned off a 8.26ct Kashmir no heat Sapphire for the amount of 470,000 usd. Along with this we also found an new owner for both beautiful diamonds one is the 2.52ct Fancy Lite Pink valued at 140,000 USD another one is the 4.61ct all natural Fancy Yellow Green Diamond 150,000 usd. Another perfect 11.69ct Tanzania Spinel all natural no heat went home at 150,000 usd. Finally a 116.73ct (Name will fill) beautiful Lizard sold at 100,000 usd. For an grand totaled sold items at the amount of 10,000,000 USD.

101.88 ct Srilanka Sapphire ”Taiwan Blue Magpie” Brooch / Pendant (with no indications of heating)

This all of the Tsavorite and Mozambique Pigeon’s blood all sold out and auctioned home. With all attendees rushing and bidding away all of these beautiful pieces. Even along with these two we have also auctioned off the Cambell Bridge Tsavorite were all given away to an world class bidder. 16.42 Tsavorite sold at 150,000 usd. As to the Mozambique Pigion blood Vivid Red it was sold at 5.01ct sold at 145,000 usd. Only at the Taiwan Auction we are able to auction off such beautiful pieces. Mr. Li said, “It’s not because Auction House create high price or impossible unreachable limits, it’s because the investment value of these stones are truly valuble. Even world auctions house can’t even get their hands on these marvelous pieces. Taiwan Auction House let the world’s bidders and collectors falling in love with our auction pieces.

For some examples of this would be our all famous Crossed yellow Fancy diamond Ring. Even the all famous GRS, Dr. Peretti, were very interested in this piece that was 3ct. Another marvelous piece is an all natural flowered crossed impurity in this yellow diamond naturally sitting in the center of this diamond. Even the world great big three Gemology Institutes can’t even explain such miracle in this stone. One can even say that this is truly an God given gift of natural Gem. Said by an secret Bidder, “Yellow diamond isn’t hard to find but one given by god, this is one gem that even with 10 decades you wouldn’t even be able to find!” Taiwan Auction House because we are very professional and understand the investment aspect of each piece. We will still continue to collect these great pieces from all over the world. Along with EGL Platinum from Isreal will ensure that all pieces that are auctioned in our auction house is guaranteed and ensured of it’s naturality. Only our Auction house provides such understanding and knowledge to better bring to all attendees great assurance.

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